Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome the Uncomfortable

Coach Lumpp (L), Coach Scott (C), Coach Mike (R)
I recently started coaching Mite level (6-8 year old) travel ice hockey on the weekends, which brings back an insane amount of memories from my youth.

I grew up playing in the same rinks for another team in the area which is making life come full circle in a sense.  When standing at certain point on our home ice I can vividly remember a shot I took, a pass I made, or when I almost threw up from my coaches skating us so hard.

Glory days!!!

In hindsight, my Mite AA coach Ken Johnson’s 60 second conditioning drills were almost as bad as chemo recovery…

One thing I learned from hockey was that if you put in the work and did it the right way, you would always improve.  As coaches we ask our kids to push their comfort level by skating as fast as possible around cones or stick handling while skating backwards.  By pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone they may fall a few times, but will grow and improve over the course of the season.

If they short circuit the drill just to finish first and be seen by us coaches and their peers as the “winner” they inevitably take away from their future potential.  This is a tough lesson to learn as a 7 year old when you live in a society that emphasizes winning above all else.

Not to mention a tough lesson for a handsome 32 year old named Roger who blogs on Lift Living....

I think it's safe to say that being uncomfortable in a situation or nervous about an upcoming event are emotions we frequently feel during our lives.  In the past I've personally spent a lot of energy analyzing different scenarios and approaches to a situation or even avoiding the uncomfortable feeling by taking an alternative route to resolution.

Recently I've realized being uncomfortable or nervous is not something we should be afraid of, but something we should welcome.  Those feelings are physical indicators from our bodies that we are on the precipice of a chance to improve ourselves.

When you recognize this opportunity and push through it you will be building your confidence and lifting your life towards a higher level.

And if you fall along the way take it like a 7 year old hockey player...

With a smile.

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