Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hurricane't Stop the Roth Wedding

Wedding day from the hotel room window...
"You would do the same if you were in my position" is a familiar phrase you hear from people who have faced a life threatening situation.  And yes, I would tell you the same given my experience over the past 16+ months with cancer.

I never connected this phrase with anything else in my life until this past weekend at my buddy Dave's wedding in Charlottesville, VA.  Dave and Leigh Anne were supposed to have an outdoor affair at an incredible vineyard on Saturday, but on Friday morning (36 hours from game time) Dave got a call from the vineyard saying the wedding couldn't be held there due to pending hurricane Irene...

Despite her laid back demeanor, there was no way Leigh Anne was going to handle this news easily: 

"Hey honey, you know that wedding we've been planning for 7 months? It was just cancelled and we have less than a day to plan a new one..."  

I'd been a part of many weddings in my day as a groom, groomsman, guest, usher, singer, cocktail hour entertainer, and even a ring boy in my youth.  This was a total nightmare scenario you only see in the movies or read in as a fictional article in a wedding magazine.  Not good, but not the end...

Through talking with Dave I learned Leigh Anne took the news hard for 10 minutes or so, but then pulled herself together and took the challenge of finding another vineyard in the area and coordinating with the 140+ guests head on which resulted in one of the coolest wedding I've witnessed. 

I mean who gets married in a wine cellar!!!???

From the outside looking in I was amazed at the selflessness and grace Leigh Anne and Dave exhibited throughout all the festivities.  It was only at the end of the weekend chatting in the airport with Jeremy (the best man from my wedding) that I realized the parallels of my experience with cancer and Dave and Leigh Anne's experience on their wedding weekend.

The most interesting groom in the world....
When faced with an immanent scenario, you just do what it takes.  Your choices get limited and you make the best with what you are given.  That's why we feel like everyone would do the same as we would if they were in our shoes.

The hard part is to be humble and appreciate your circumstances when you have everything going for you. 

If you can meet that challenge you will lift your life and those around you.

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