Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cancer Journey Mixed Tape - Song 3

Getting chemo, listening to tunes...
My wife and I have been to more concerts than we can remember. Our paths in life first crossed at a concert at the House of Blues in Chicago when she was on a blind date with a lawyer for some corporate outing and I was with my friends (the only other young 20 somethings in the Foundation Room) using my best buddy’s Anheuser Busch credentials to pre-party on the other side of the bar by seeing who could drink more Jager Bombs before the show started downstairs.

We must have been doing something right, because she ditched her date to hang out with us.

Gotta love fate...

Shortly after we were engaged I surprised her with tickets to a small venue show in Grand Rapids, MI to see our new favorite band: Angels and Airwaves (AVA). AVA was a relatively new group of guys who had all had considerable success in different bands and wanted to explore creating music with a mission.

And man did they deliver...

Song #3 on Roger’s Cancer Journey Mixed Tape is a song that helped me make sense of my new reality and got me living in the moment.

Artist: Angels and Airwaves (Link)
Song: Young London
Album: LOVE

Pre-cancer I was constantly trying to get to the next level at work or in my personal life. This would lead to me thinking about where I wanted to be in the future instead of celebrating life as a young kid out of college with the world in front of him.

I’ve said numerous times that the hardest part of my diagnosis was that my life was on hold while I got treatment. As I learned to get present in the moment and enjoy everything around me the break in this song just resonated so hard in my head:

Suit up boys let’s ride it’s the weekend
Get down girls and dance with your best friend
Show yourselves and take what you ask for
Let it go no fights on the dance floor

As I came to the realization that life’s about living and enjoying every moment together it struck me that I didn’t want to live in the future anymore. I wanted to be present, focus on the right things in my life, and enjoy the ride knowing that it will take me wherever it’s supposed to.

Kind of like how it took me to the House of Blues that night were my wife and I connected for the first time. I think AVA wrote the following about my wife, son, and my life going forward:

The night gets better the wait so wonderful
They move together and dance so colorful
And kiss like flowers that breathe with pheromones
Songs get louder it feels so natural

I wasn’t able to attend the last AVA show in my area due to chemotherapy, but you can bet your ass I will be there with my wife and all the other fans in the room taking it all in from the dance floor.

Suit up boys!

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