Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Static vs. Action Words

Welcome to Lift Living’s English class!

Grammar police officer Roger is back and encourages you to put your feet up on the desk for this week's lesson:

Static vs. Active Words

I was wrapping up an email the other day and used the word “hopefully,” a frequent favorite, as a plea for action by the receiving party. Only this time I finally realized I've been letting others dictate my future by passively giving them control of something I wanted to accomplish. I was just sitting idle waiting for them to "hopefully" influence my next step in a static state.

Active words help drive and motivate us towards achieving our goals. They take back the control from "hoping" something will happen to making it actually happen. Or at least getting the ball rolling where we can fail, adjust, fail, adjust until we ultimately meet our goal.

If you sit around and rely on hope for things to happen in your life you are going to be static for a long, long time. And by doing so you refuse the right to complain about your lack of progress.

  • Lesson #1 (see post Here) : "i before e AND WILL, except after c"

  • Lesson #2: Get rid of the static.

Class dismissed.

[Extra credit: For someone who spent their youth dreading English class, I am finding it a bit comical how I am finding ways to enjoy grammar all of the sudden. It's not so much that I am polishing up on sentence structure, but for whatever reason my mind is finding cool translations of lessons I am learning in the context of grammar. Maybe it's the chemo brain???]

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