Monday, June 6, 2011

Hall Pass

Not sure what they have in schools nowadays, but when I was growing up and needed to navigate the hallways of my middle school while class was in session, I requested a hall pass. These little guys permitted you to roam freely in the halls without being chased down by teachers or administrators and sent to the Principal's office.

I was not one for rocking the boat, so the last thing I wanted was for Mom to receive a call from Dr. Wagner about how her son was caught out of English class stealing chocolate milk from the cafeteria coolers...

In short, hall passes were gold and allowed you to freely express your path through the hallways between point A and point B without fear of reprisal.

Three weeks ago my wife and I had a check up with my oncologist to go over the results of a follow up CT scan of my lungs. My previous scan had a few very small spots he wanted to monitor over a 6 week period. Turns out the spots had gone down on their own since my last scan, and therefor everything looked normal.

When we were wrapping up the appointment he said my next scans were set for the first week of August, to which I immediately thought: "Summer Hall Pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Last summer was a struggle spent primarily indoors recovering from chemo or resting up for the next treatment.

This summer? Not so much...

Look out cafeteria coolers...

I am coming for your chocolate milk and taking it to the beach, pool, and golf course to share with all my friends.


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