Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your Life Filter

As I stated in a previous post, we are all born as a Blank Slate. It is through our experiences and guidance from others we develop into our sense of self including the lens through which we view the world. This lens guides us, protects us, and helps us process the various influences as we move through life in our relationships, vocation, and awareness of self.

Getting glasses in high school was one of the more amazing lens related moments in my life. I'd spent hours upon hours on the golf course watching a little white ball fly great distances down the fairway or towards a pin. The whole process was rewarding, even when I was squinting like a grandpa....

The first round I played with glasses was a bit frustrating from a scoring perspective, but absolutely jaw dropping from a visual perspective. All the sudden I could see the individual leaves on trees blowing in the wind, the crisp lines of fluffy clouds in the sky, and the blades of grass on a putting surface. Not to mention exactly where my golf ball ended up...

Golf was not only fun, but it was beautiful!

If you wear glasses or contacts you will recognize the machine in the picture above. If not, let me enlighten you... The optometrist makes you read one of those letter charts through this mechanism as they flip various lens combinations asking "number 1...? Or, number 2...?" until your vision is clear and you can read the smallest letters on the bottom row...

Or in the case of ForEyes commercials, obtain the power to shoot lasers from your new glasses: ZAP!

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a similar process to refine the lens through which you process the world in everything you do? Not from a strict visual perspective, but from the viewpoint of your character?

My vision, no pun intended, is for everyone to walk through life processing circumstances, emotions, and opportunities through their personal life filter. Not the one that was forged through years and years of others imposing the way they thought the world worked or the way things ought to be. But the one that is determined on their terms through deep introspection and light guidance from their mentors.

This will minimize regrets/what ifs? down the road in life and increase fulfillment along the way.

Through cancer and through the work I did evaluating my life I feel like I am close to finding MY life filter. And the good news is that I have been taking notes along the way I plan to put to good use as a teaching tool to help others locate their life filters.

I've almost got my life filter figured out. Lasers or not, it's going to be amazing to process the world as I know it through this new lens.

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