Friday, April 15, 2011

Motivational Grammar

I have a confession to make...

During the first day of Mrs. Talbott's 6th grade English class we were asked to write a quick essay on what we did during our last summer before junior high.

Simple enough, right?

I thought so...

I collected my thoughts about my weeks at camp and days at the local golf course. Life was good.

My essay was going smooth until I tried to write the word "of" with my #2 pencil. I forgot how to spell it... How did that happen!!! I was convinced it was o-v for a while but cooler head prevailed after scanning the room for the word in all the fancy, laminated motivational English posters on the wall.

Thank goodness for scholastic wall art...

I was not a huge fan of English class to be honest, but I did the work and learned fun things like: "i before e except after c"

Gold star, thank you very much.

Twenty years later I am here to propose a change to the aforementioned fancy saying to the following: "i before e AND WILL, except after c"

Hear me out Mrs. Talbott...

This simple change in the English language will make self questioning statements into motivational gold.

Don't follow? Check it:

Will I get into college? ----> I will get into college!

Will I find my true passion? ----> I will find my true passion!

Will I get through cancer? ---->I will get through cancer!

Boom! Just imagine all the new posters...

So here is my challenge to you all:

In the comments section below write a "Will I?" statement you are currently experiencing in life and then rework it using my proposed change. Then go out into the world and live it!

You will feel the lift.


  1. Will I rock at my new job? I will rock at my new job! :)

  2. Will I ever get my son potty trained?? Of course I WILL potty train him! He can't wear diapers in grade school, or can he?? ;)