Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

This week was a big one for me:

On Monday, I had my 3 month CT scan. In the spectrum of scans a CT is the easiest in my opinion. You get an IV put in your arm, drink barium for an hour while doing the crossword puzzle, lay down in the CT scanner and 10 minutes later you are out the door. There are some lasting effect from the barium mixture as it works it's way (quickly!) through your digestive system, but from the things my body saw over the treatment regimen, CTs are a cake walk.

On Wednesday, I met with my oncologist to go over the results of the CT scan. The pathologists noted no change in my node sizes (this is great news!), but did note a couple small (2mm and 3mm) spots on my lungs. My oncologist thinks it’s from a virus I had, but to be safe he ordered a lung CT scan (no barium!!) in 4-6 weeks instead of waiting another 3 months for my regular check up scans. Overall I am taking this as good news and it's on with life. Or at least on with my assimilation back to normal-ish life...

On Thursday, the greatest golf week of the year begins at The Masters. If you are tuned into the What's Your Latitude? movement I created you will know that Augusta National is my Latitude (under the 50 Latitudes Experiment -> Illinois) and played a large part in my cancer journey. During scans and long recovery periods I would close my eyes and project myself to the fairways at Augusta where I played every hole, thought about the history, and smelled the Georgia pines and azelea flowers. Needless to say, I will be going dark from all communication during the broadcast this weekend...

On Friday, my wife, son, and I will drive to my aunt and uncles' lake house for the weekend to get away and celebrate the good scan results and an anniversary of sorts this Saturday...

Saturday, April 9th is the 1 year anniversary of my Hodgkin's Lymphoma diagnosis. It is incredible to look back over the course of the past 12 months on what has been quite a roller coaster. Check out my 2010 - Year In Numbers post for some perspective.

I am incredibly thankful for my wife, son and health I have today. Being put through the cancer ringer at the age of 30 is not something you think about in your youth. I am thankful for the lessons I have learned and have a renewed sense of what's important in life.

The small things that seem so important and urgent will fade away as we grow older. When we look back on our lives with the benefit of hindsight we won't remember the petty details but will see the core themes and values we lived along the way. It's never too late (or early!) to take stock of what you stand for or what you believe in.

Believe me when I say that the sooner you start living your values, the sooner you will lift your life towards greater fulfillment.

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  1. Have a great weekend Roger, I am really enjoying your blog!