Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gunga Galunga

I had a "total consciousness" moment (ala Carl Spackler in Caddyshack) developing my Daily Lift Tip today. To be honest I didn’t have any idea of what I was getting into when I committed to writing a Daily Lift Tip on Twitter. I was (and still am) new to Twitter and felt like a daily Tweet in the Lift genre would enable me to get a flavor for what it was like to use the service and generate some content for my Lift Living site. Some days I feel like I find the right words to express how to approach the struggles I am facing and other times I have to replay my day to come up with something Lift worthy...

With the foresight of what lay ahead for me this weekend, I effortlessly wrote Daily Lift Tip #78:

“Self reflection pays more dividends than self projection”

I think it is extremely important to always be improving yourself by making sure you are in touch with your values and approaching life through your filter. The flipside is settling for where you are and justifying your suspended state to the world through self projection.

The longer you self project the smaller the impact becomes on your audience. Think about it… How old do those high school glory stories get after you hear them 100 times?

I am currently at 36,000 feet heading out to a coaching retreat with my whole life coach (Jim Warner of OnCourse International) this weekend on a small ranch an hour north of Denver. I know that I am going to come back a stronger Roger and hope you take some time in the coming week to reflect on yourself and find ways to keep moving your life forward...

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