Saturday, April 23, 2011


One of my favorite games from growing up was the Connect 4 / Checkers combo pack. I preferred the Connect 4 contraption, but just when you were getting bored you could take apart the apparatus and pull out Checkers for some good old fashion chip jumping fun.


There are other connect games out there that have occupied my time over the years on road trips (tic-tac-toe), hanging out with friends (6 degrees of Kevin Bacon), and in the corporate world (LinkedIn).

I found another when I was diagnosed with cancer and it seemed everyone knew someone close that was touched by the disease in some way or another.

These are some tangible ones... But what about the intangible connections?

You ever notice when you smile at someone in passing they smile back even if you are in a strange town?

Or how people in different countries get the same flood of emotion when they listen to Bob Marley?

Despite some incredible barriers in our world including language, socioeconomics, age, location, or world view, we are all connected. We all breathe the same air, see the same stars, and come from the same big bang.

All 6,830,130,134 of us... and counting (Live World Clock)

Think of the awesome possibilities if we can create rifts of positive energy in the world through our connectedness. Flash mobs of smiles or Bob Marley hour for example...

In a nut shell, this is what gets me so pumped about the possibilities of the What's Your Latitude? movement. Shortly after I developed the Latitude concept I realized that everyone on earth has one...


Next time you are in traffic look at the people in the cars around you.... Or the guy going up the other side of the escalator when you are heading down at the mall... Or the students studying at the local coffee shop on a Wednesday night... Or the old lady everyone seems to ignore because life's too important to respect our elders like we used to...

Each one of these people have Latitudes that are just waiting to be shared. And the positive emotions associated with them are infectious. Trust me and anyone else who reads the weekly updates on Just like the Lay's potato chip tag line: "Bet you can't just read one."

So come on, share your Latitude with someone. Anyone. We all have one.

It's just one more thing that connects us all...

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