Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ready... Aim...

As a part of the work I did with my whole-life coach (Jim Warner of OnCourse International) I learned I have a tendency to check, double check, and even triple check things before I pull the trigger on an important decision.

You've heard of the saying "Ready... Aim... Fire!" Well, I was "Ready... Aim... Aim... Aim..." and sometimes never firing. I am making a concerted effort to reverse this habit and trust my gut and am learning that 90% of the time my gut is dead on and the other 10% hasn't killed me...

I located two causes of this habit I am trying to kick. The first is there is so much information available on the internet, TV, books, family, friends, etc. that I was trying to limit risk and make sure I was pleasing others with my final decision.

The second is that I was being controlled by my Social You and not my True You.

What are these "Yous" I speak of???

More on that next week...

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