Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lifting Patiently

Cancer taught me a lot of lessons...

Lessons about courage.

Lessons about pain.

Lessons about love.

Right at the beginning of treatment I was talking to a coworker who overcame cancer at a young age and he said some things which just didn’t add up at the time. He spoke of how this experience would make me understand that there is a natural path for life and achieving goals. And that I would never be afraid of anything again.

I could see his point about not being afraid, but natural path?

I guess I was too caught up in the way things are nowadays where we all want the newest thing and we want it now. Give me a shortcut, I’ll take it. Show me the coolest new app, I’ll buy it.

Constantly moving, checking our phones, speeding to get to the next milestone faster than our parents and grandparents...

My chemo treatment was 8 months long with chemo sessions every two weeks. As I progressed through treatment I found myself getting abnormally conscious (as compared to the “old” me) about small things like the taste of my coffee in the morning or the way the branches in my backyard move in the breeze. I was slowing down. Being present.

Learning patience.

Maybe it was the reality of my situation in facing mortality that caused me to fixate on the minor details of life that I used to take for granted. I was overlooking so many amazing sights and missing little moments with my wife and son in my race to where ever I was going.

As I assimilate back to a more normal life where I am not in a doctor’s office every two weeks I find myself more comfortable with the flow of time. Knowing that if I work at the right things, those things aligned with my values, I will end up at my destination and enjoy all the steps along the way. It may not happen as fast as I wish, but I know that if I work hard and trust my gut I can do anything.

Patience IS a virtue.

Combine it with knowledge of who you are as a person and a good work ethic...

You become fearless.

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