Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daily Lift Tips

In an effort to simplify some of my thoughts and insights on ways to lift your life, I developed the Daily Lift Tip (DLT) last week.

I will be sending out a DLT on my Twitter stream, (Click Here for @LiftLiving on Twitter), if you are interested in getting a daily dose of something simple you can do to lift your life and those around you.

I hope to keep this up for a year, so you can all keep me honest!!! Feel free to retweet, share, subscribe, and spread the word about the DLT.

A small amount of lifting goes a long way when we work together towards a common goal. If it's one thing I have learned in consulting it's the word synergy!

Here are some samples:

  • DLT #5: Hold your hugs for 5 seconds. Squeeze like you mean it!

  • DLT #4: Make sure to go outside today and take a deep breath. Enjoy what Mother Earth gave you!

  • DLT #3: Take time to celebrate your accomplishments. Even if it's a random donut break, you've earned it!

Thanks for your help!

- Roger

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