Saturday, January 29, 2011

2010 By The Numbers

I have always liked numbers. There is just something about them that connects the dots in my head when I am trying to make sense of the world.

After receiving my final health statement from my insurer I thought it would be interesting to analyze how much cancer costs to treat from diagnosis to my final set of scans that indicated I was in remission. And give some other fun facts about my cancer journey along the way...

Numbers without witty comment are pretty boring, so I took the liberty to expand on my year-in-numbers for 2010 to give you some context:

  • $263,074.42 – gross billing for doctor visits, x-rays, scans, surgeries, chemo treatments, drugs, etc. to my insurance company

  • $102,759.02 – actual cash paid to doctors, hospitals, drug companies by me (via co-pays and deductible) and my insurance. A 60.9% discount!

  • ~1,000 – number of extra strength Tylenol taken to ease the achiness and headaches during recovery periods

  • $342 – amount of subsidized parking paid to the ALWAYS FULL Standard Parking garage at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. Note to self: open parking garage next to hospital...

  • 30 pounds – amount of weight gained from May to December 2010, which is a little less than my 2 year old weighs

  • 25.5 liters – approximate amount of ABVD chemo pumped into my veins over 8 months. This is equivalent to replacing all of the blood in my body more than 3 times over!

  • 6 – BBQ dinners in May/June with my parents, wife, and son to watch the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup! A source of much needed distraction and subsequent happiness. Go Hawks!

  • 3 hours – amount of time I have to lay strapped in for my MRI scans. Three times to date with many more on the horizon over the next 5 years...

  • 2 – haircuts, one of which was self inflicted:

  • 1 – incredible wife whose strength, grace, and positive attitude pulled me through the toughest times

  • 0% – chance WE SHOULD EVER take anything in life for granted.

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  1. That number you got there for the Tylenol is a bit compelling, by and large. That is something for fort mill dentist to consider when issuing prescriptions. Cheers mate!